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How one of our users applied Agile principles to improve Headhunting

How one of our users applied Agile principles to improve Headhunting

Sean Stovall started his career as an IT Project Manager for a construction company helping teams to execute on time and providing C-Level decision-makers with important data about prospective projects.

As his construction company was bought up by another company, Sean decided it was time for a change and shortly after he was invited to become a technical recruiter. Like constructing buildings and houses, hiring is also a model with several steps, tasks, deliverables, and stakeholders. But that was not how the search industry was operating at that time. What a great fit to have a project manager in a search role!

With his Agile project management background, Sean saw an opportunity to modernize hiring by applying his P.M. skills. Recruiting is a high-pressure business, where professionals are constantly under pressure to hiring fast, with limited resources and keeping the client on the loop at all times. It clearly sounds like IT projects!

By the time he joined the Executive Search business in the early 2000’s, Sean found an industry with tools way less advanced than the IT Project Management universe. It felt almost like recruiters were using Rolodexes, no performance metrics and very the project management style was... “waterfally”.

What is Agile Hiring?

As an early mover in this space, Sean contributed a lot to change how his hiring teams he worked. From user stories, point systems, daily scrums to foster collaboration and focus on client engagement, Sean “agiled” up his headhunting business to perfection.

One of the proudest moments of Sean’s career as a recruiter was when he had a contract with US Bank, one of the biggest American banks. US Bank had to deliver a big project on time and started the hiring associated with it. When Sean was called, they were 45 days behind their recruiting schedule and the underlying project was also falling behind due to lack of human resources. By implementing his Agile framework, with daily scrums with his client, Sean and his team were able to end up recruiting 3 months ahead of time!

"The quintessential benefits from the Agile-based incremental and evolutionary changes to any inefficient process: more work is done in less time." Sean Stovall

GitScrum + Sean

Sean and his team at Roninly ( found in GitScrum the perfect tool to help them modeling their Agile workflow. User Stories, Stories points, Efforts points, Time tracking, and many more GitScrum features are intuitive for whoever wants to improve the quality and output of work through the Agile methodology.

As a thought leader in the Agile hiring industry, Sean created a lot of resources for other recruiters that want to use their time more efficiently. Many of them are available for free in GitScrum’s marketplace, through the links below:

Agile Recruiting Workflow:

Task Types:

Task Effort 1 (Fibonacci):

Task Effort 2 (T-Shirt):

User Story Priority:

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