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Big Data and Bigger Projects

How Digr, an United States based data analytics company uses GitScrum to be more Agile

Big Data and Bigger Projects

In 2012, Eric Axelrod decided to found Digr, an exciting Data Analytics consultancy.

With more than 20 years of Data Analytics experience in the pocket, Eric saw an exciting business opportunity to empower anyone from junior managers to top executives to take decisions based on smart data. Less hunches and more (big) data-driven decisions!

Hello World! was founded.

Among his biggest achievements, Eric is proud to have been called to action by one of the world’s largest food companies to optimize their supply chain. One of the client’s food plants was consistently delivering results below their expectations and no one knew why. They were about to build a new factory to meet demand, but decided to give Big Data a chance.

Eric & his team modeled all the flows, all the IoT sensors, acquired and crunched the data, treated anomalies and... refurbished the supply chain of a complex food producing plant to perfection! The client managed to ramp up production and avoided building a brand new factory, an extremely expensive venture in the food industry.

Machine Learning powered insights ended up resulting in more than $100 million dollars in savings per year (wow!). The client and all the food consumers out there are glad Eric and his team were called to action!

So we can infer that are RockStars of Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Things applied to industries and Data Analytics. Deep and complex work! Digr clients go to them whenever they feel they do not have enough resources to improve, save, build, buy and more. To grow with less.

What problem did want to solve when they went shopping for a new project management tool?

Fast forward 7 years to 2019, several new hires and countless clients, started to have similar problems: The team is growing and so is the complexity of my client’s problems. How to optimally execute projects, with deep focus and an agile framework?

Digr rapid success was causing, like their clients, the need more with less! found GitScrum!

GitScrum solved many of Project Management needs allowing them to flourish and achieve more with less! A few GitScrum features were fundamental to create the benefits Digr needed:

Sprints & Agile methodology

We were Project Management Hostages Axelrod, Eric circa 2019 instantly related to GitScrum’s Sprints.

Given the high complexity of projects and clients, they were unhappy with the endless tasks they had to create using “jurassic” Project Management tools like… you know who they are.

Creating hundreds of tasks for each of their databases that needed to be migrated was a full day of work in itself! Digr now can group multiple complex and similar tasks into Sprints and do the deep work they need. Yes, sometimes they do use Deep Neural Networks too! projects are not fully agile. After they have a complete data model they switch to a full agile model. This flexibility allows Digr to roll out into production a new feature in an HOUR!

GitScrum flexibility and Agile methodology is tailor-made for fast prototyping! Luckily GitScrum provides a full “I want to break free” solution for “project management hostages”!

Intuitive Dashboards & Time Tracking: also fell in love with GitScrum’s dashboards.

Their non-technical clients wanted dashboards to be in the loop of their project’s completion rate, blockers and pure time tracking for billing.

And the best: GitScrum is not only intuitive but is also a complete tool. Other Digr clients that are more technically able (even with data science teams) and need to fill gaps and blind spots are also covered: GitScrum does provide dashboards with project management KPI’s (key performance indicators) technical driven clients crave!

Project Management Custom Templates two products are alike even when they perform a similar function... Axelrod, Eric circa 2019.

GitScrum’s custom templates were also very alluring to

Even though many of Digr projects were around similar themes, GitScrum’s templates are built for easy customization. That is a time saver when can load a template and customized it slightly or deeply for the next big project!

Checklists into Tasks:

Being a very methodical company, Digr appreciates the power of checklists.

Like high-performance surgeons, pilots and professionals, They believe in the checklist manifesto. With GitScrum, they seamlessly create custom checklists and turn them into tasks! So they will never miss action point 34-c! Tasks are now pushed to them! client testimonial:

...we could never do this without your team. We don't have the know-how and we don't know who to hire. We created a new product line we didn't have before!” Digr client

GitScrum appreciates Digr business:

GitScrum is proud to enable to fully focus on their core competency: provide deep data analytics to empower their clients! We can proudly say we elevated Digr from a Project Management “hostage” to Project Management RockStar through an intuitive set of high-performance project management tools! Renato Marinho, GitScrum CEO

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