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From astronomer to SEO rockstar

How Christopher Fischbach uses GitScrum to hack online growth and make his clients happy!

From astronomer to SEO rockstar

Christopher is the founder of, a Germany based SEO consulting company, servicing a wide range of clients profiles. From very small to huge, he is a one stop shop for online marketing strategy, social media accounts and high caliber SEO consulting.

But that’s not all to Christopher. He is definitely a true internet explorer. Like Magellan and Columbus, Christopher saw the WWW’s potential way before most of his time!

His Internet days started back in 1999, when he created a website to broadcast... solar eclipses!

Much like the 15th centuries explorers, he had to build his own tools, like a streaming method. Even Netflix was a physical DVD shop at the time! Blockbuster was a thing!

He hacked a streaming method by taking pictures every second and uploading them to create his tinkered streaming! How cool is that? One million concurrent users thought so and made the website to crash constantly!

Given solar eclipses do not happen enough time to justify having customers in planet Earth, he moved to something more relatable: indexing local shops!

When he was looking online for a Mother’s day gift (a wellness session in a spa) for his mom, he had an Eureka moment and ...couldn't find anything. He then created one of the very first sites indexing a vast amount of local spas, massage and hair stylist shops, pretty much a very specialised Google. Business was doing well (20k daily users - massive in 2002), Christopher and his partner were extremely busy, but the revenues to sustain the operational costs and CAPEX needed to grow were not there.

...back then he didn't have enough money to invest and didn't know the possibilities! Too much to die, not enough to live...

Chris also had a personal tragedy that made him pause his entrepreneurial instincts and went to to work at Amazon. He learned all there is to be learned about being customer centric. He learned to model client workflows like a boss, even using kanban boards!

But after a while, the entrepreneurial spirits came back to the luck of all SEO customers out there. Near the 2008 financial crisis, Chris branched into SEO/online marketing, when many companies were cutting online marketing in favor of regular marketing or purely savings.

But these were not a problem for such a high caliber and seasoned internet professional. Among his biggest accomplishments (apart two daughters of course), Christopher’s SEO Company managed to bring sites from almost zero visitors to 40k unique daily visitors. There is no crisis for good professionals!

And Christopher has also the skillset to bring revenues (as the CPM or “price to eyeball” ratios are quickly becoming less important). His company managed to increase the revenues of a nutrition focused e-commerce to $5mm annually from just $120k, through masterful SEO ranking.

Christopher SEO Client Testimonial:

Christopher is a fountain of knowledge of all things search. He is my goto professional for when I require support on projects requiring an advanced knowledge of SEO. Succinct advice on the spot.

Any business wishing to gain significant visibility through organic search requires the service of Christopher. He has allowed me to stop worrying about the constant updates and changes that Google are constantly rolling out and focus on creating great content instead.

I highly recommend Christopher, a true professional who is an absolute pleasure to work with

What was Christopher was looking for when joined GitScrum?

Being an extremely busy SEO shop, Christopher knew he couldn't afford to not stay on top of things. He needed a Project Management tool to keep track of the 12+ collaborators that help him be such a rock star.

Focus & Sprints

On top of it, he being a father of two - he needed something hard to come by: focus! GitScrum’s agile methodology induce focus through sprints, so that he could maximize his time.

Kanban Cards

After his customer centric experience at Amazon, Chris found in GitScrum’s kanban boards, the backbone of his customer centric experience.

Custom Templates and Employee Education.

Being such experienced in online marketing, Christopher started to see patterns in his work. In his mind, patterns are close cousins of streamlined workflows that should be automated to leave more time for the good stuff.

SEO audits is a great example of how complex tasks can be checklisted and templated:

Check if there’s structured data in place.
Check if internal linking is done correctly.
Are all pages linked to analytic tools?
And so on...

He created his very own SEO audit checklist to tasks template that helps his team to be onboard and get stuff done. Take on a new client? Several boarding steps. Website overhaul, same.

Team management

Most of his tasks rely on high skilled internet artisans. And to minimize training and monitoring costs, GitScrum is perfect to broadcast and assign tasks, monitor progress and share the success with the clients!

GitScrum appreciates Christopher’s business:

GitScrum is proud to enable Chris’ SEO agency to fully focus on their core competency: maximize revenue through smart online marketing initiatives! We can proudly say we elevated Chris from a project management standpoint Renato Marinho, GitScrum CEO

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