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From Poker Angel to Business Saint

How a poker entrepreneur and Agile instructor became CTO at ACE, a Brazilian Startup Ecosystem

From Poker Angel to Business Saint

Sulivan Santiago is a natural born entrepreneur. Having contracted the entrepreneurship bug early in his life, he went to explore and develop a fantastic product in a world that now is glorious but once was shady: Online Poker.

Poker players play 10-14 hours a day, which nets out to hundreds or thousands of single games. It’s easy to lose track of important metrics, like risk/reward ratios, ROE’s, winning scenarios and more.

Sulivan saw this pain and opportunity and made the ultimate jump: he left his corporate and created a piece of software that did all of that! He elevated poker players on a daily basis! A real poker player Angel. Using a lot of intelligence (that now would be named artificial intelligence) he could recommend actionable points to his users - online poker players across the globe.

His product was so successful, helping countless poker players to improve their profitability that he started… losing them! Pure “teach a man how to fish” moment! WIth his clients going to spend their money at the beach, Sulivan started to return money to his startup early investors and look for his next big thing…

Among his key investors, Sulivan had ACE - Startup Accelerator and Corporate Innovation, a Brazil-based start-up accelerator with hundreds of invested companies and entrepreneurs. On top of being a poker rockstar, Sullivan is also an Agile instructor at ESPM, a Sao Paulo based marketing college!

ACE instantly saw the opportunity to onboard Sulivan in their platform as their CEO and invited him to run their Corporate innovation program!

From poker angel to Entrepreneurs saint!

As Ace’s CTO, Sulivan provides operational and tech leverage to the hundreds of entrepreneurs he deals with.

But the entrepreneurship bug is never, ever, ever gone.

Alongside ACE, Sulivan started a new endeavor: he created MYNNOVATION, an amazing system to help innovation managers of medium and large corporates to solve their biggest nightmare: scientifically attribute performance and investment metrics like ROE to the innovative programs they run. Eureka: Something that was subjective became scientific.

How did Sulivan found Gitscrum?


MYNNOVATION started to become serious. I cannot have it all in my head Sulivan, ACE’s CTO

MYNNOVATION needed development and who says development says project management and we all know what it means: GO GITSCRUM.

Sulivan hired developers to methodically create an MVP, focusing on security and quality since its inception. And suddenly his idea became a complex project with several stakeholders, so he decided to “productionize” the process and get GitScrum to help!

Some GitScrum features are particularly valuable to Sulivan:

Burndown Graphs

Sulivan loves to track his team’s performances in sprints, tracking productivity metrics like how many points per sprint they’re getting!

Kanban Cards

Organizing all tasks in a Sprint-friendly way is fundamental to allow Sulivan to see the big and small pictures all the time! Focus when needed, big pictured when allowed!

GitScrum is very proud to help Sulivan to help the hundreds of entrepreneurs he deals with! We cannot be more humbled of how many people like us we’re helping at once!

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