What is GitScrum?

GitScrum is an Agile project management tool used to enhance a team’s performance and productivity in a project.

What is GitScrum?

In the SaaS world, GitScrum is an
Agile Project Management Tool you can use to organize your projects and manage your team tasks inside online workspaces.


Is one of those tools made to replace the need for a board, filled with sticky notes, each note to remember you and your team the tasks and checklist for each day, to keep them accountable working in sprints.


Actually is the perfect tool you need to bring all the mess of that whiteboard for the internet, but, better organized in a KanBan board, to have access to that board anywhere you go with internet access, a notebook, computer, and smartphone. 


GitScrum is a way better option to manage your tasks because you do not just take notes about the tasks you have to do, to accomplish your project goals.


But you add more relevant information and use better features just ink and paper never going to do, to keep track of your work and the improvements. 


It’s way more intuitive when you instead of just taking notes, can also use files, videos, images, links, and more features, tools, and integrations with other important project apps in your favor. 


Giving you more control and data about work, and how you can do your tasks in a way that improves your agility and productivity.


GitScrum gives you the power of gamification for your work, so work doesn’t feel like work at all, but more fun and joyful experience.


So imagine doing Scrum and Agile, managing your projects with your team, organizing and assigning each member of your team to do each task with more productivity, keep track and measure results, not wasting valuable time anymore setting up your workspace, but have more focus and get things done in your projects by actually doing the work without hassle?

That’s GitScrum!


Join our work (r)evolution!

At GitScrum, we see and live the work revolution. Remote working, Agile & Scrum principles and the gamification of work are increasing what teams can deliver.