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GitScrum is easy as pie

Our approach to deliver high-priority and high-quality work


Where do we come in?

When running a business or handling large amounts of data, our agile project management software is a helpful tool in making sure that all runs well and getting your team in operating mode.

For Freelancers

Working as a freelancer will always require that you complete a large amount of tasks for all your clients, with GitScrum you can manage all your projects and tasks as well as share the progress with your clients.

For Companies

Companies have to face a rapidly changing business environment. GitScrum is applicable across any business, including software development, sales, marketing or any project that requires some flexibility.

The GitScrum gamification approach

Instant Rock Stars

GitScrum wants to transform your team into instant Rock Stars. You can reward those who have the best results.


GitScrum collaborates with you to help achieve your objectives with the implementation of a management model based on meritocracy.

Individual and Team Performance

GitScrum transforms your project into a game and allows you to monitor and evaluate individual and team performance in a transparent way. You can reward team members who perform outstandingly.