Since you bought your It equipment some things have changed. Maybe your business is growing faster than you excepted or your equipment doesn’t feel right anymore. You need something better, you need to update.  But when do you know It’s the time to buy a new one?

Here are some questions you need to ask to yourself first:

Is your business using new applications that are powerful?

If the answer is yes, if you intend to install more intensive programs, it’s more likely to buy new equipment. You need a good processor, a fast, large hard drive and memory. LOTS of memory.

Are you planning to add more users to your network?

If so, it might be time to consider upgrading the storage capacity and/or memory.

Are you or your employees spending more time trying to accomplish tasks?

Has the network grown slow? Then yeah, you should totally consider changing.

Now an important question that are almost the one that decides in some cases: Is upgrading the best financial decision?

Sometimes you just need an upgrade not a complete new equipment, so think twice.

If you do that,  you’ll waste less money. Instead of buying the ultra HD new PC that just came out to the store’s you can simply upgrade your memory for your PC run more efficiently and faster (for example).

You may also consider adding newer technology to older machines to prolong their usefulness.

In the end, should you repair or replace?

Depends on the situation, but in all of cases you should talk to your IT adviser and figure it out how much (an estimate at least) is the total repair costs and then decide what the best decision is.