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Save Time and Money

Powerful Branding and Custom Domain with Free SSL

Turnkey - Just upload your company’s logo, configure the DNS, and the White Label will be active. Super easy!

By investing in our white label solution, your company will be more attractive when managing the projects of your new customers, as well as existing ones.

When you use the White-Label solution, there is no turning back!

Once you start using it, you will see there is no turning back! How do we know it? Think about the feeling you have when you receive a professional email from a Gmail account? Or a Hotmail account? Much better having your brand there, right?


$249/one-time payment

GitScrum Business - Forever!

White Label + SSL
Premium Features
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Storage Space
Unlimited Future Update
Logo Header
Replace the GitScrum logo, add your company logo, and creates brand recall.
Project Logo
Customize each project with your clients' logo. Impress your clients.
Highlight your brand with a favicon, it is usually your brand's first impression.

Elevate your company brand

Your business is about you! Impress your client and replace the GitScrum logo with your own and use a custom domain or subdomain. You are the coolest and your brand should be everywhere!

White Label Project Management Tool

Your Brand is More Important Than Ever

Our white label solution is going to wow your clients and help you grow your business

Be Awesome

Really your brand is more important

Use your own Domain

Join us and rock and roll with our White Label!

You can use our White Label in unlimited domains and subdomains!

So for each client you have, you can create subdomains like “client.yourdomain.com” and add the relevant project to that subdomain. The client will access the project board and will not know you’re using GitScrum, because your brand will be there instead! Upload your killer logo and you’re set!

With this unlimited usage, be creative and have fun!