Project-Client Management Platform for Digital Agencies White Label, Unlimited Users, Unlimited Projects ...
Project-Client Management Platform for Digital Agencies

Project-Client Management Platform for Digital Agencies

Workspaces to Work with your Clients, Team and Projects

GitScrum is Agile, monitor project progress, track time, assign tasks, make great deliverables and achieve maximum productivity.

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GitScrum is perfect for


Getting Agile

for technicals and non technicals

Get more done and keep your projects on track with the simple. Our tool has the features to help you work more productively, track all work and hit deadlines with your clients.

Strengthen your Digital Agency Brand, simplify the contact relationship with your team and clients

Boosting motivation! With GitScrum you get the features needed to grow your business

White Label

Really impressing your clients - It’s about YOU, not the tool you use. Simply your brand everywhere!


Making complex projects great again! Plan and optimize your workflow with our robust and intuitive tool.

Strengthen your Digital Agency Brand Strengthen your Digital Agency Brand

Everything you need to Successfully Manage Projects

Productivity features to help you focus on what's important and get things done. Achieve more every day with GitScrum.

Strengthen the brand of your Digital Agencies
Streamline your project's processes with powerful tasks features
Time Tracking Track time spent on tasks effectively, export to excel or sync with other tools via our API.
Checklists The task allows dividing your workload into smaller and more accessible manageable chunks.
Comments Client and Project Team Members can have an asynchronous and trackable conversation in a simple way through comments.
Files and YouTube Videos Download files attached, or assign YouTube videos to tasks.

Code Highlights

Copy and Paste code snippets in your task descriptions to standardize and facilitate your software development process.

Due Dates

A due date is meant to be the date that a task should be completed. Determine deadlines, to keep the team’s task awareness.

Assign & Collaborate

Keep one or more responsible for a task, share them to work together. A good practice is to assign a client to track the task.


Relate your project stages to objectives that taste like victory, ordering tasks into GitScrum Sprints.


Detailed extra steps that constitute a task. Subtasks are extremely helpful when working with large projects.


Quickly see certain things that several tasks have in common, like requirements, locations or dependencies.

Distribute your Clients and Projects in Workspaces
Boost Digital Agency Productivity

Improve Performance through Gamification

Eliminate time-sucks and increase performance within your team with advanced Time Tracking and gamified features. Recognize and reward your best performers and send motivation to the stratosphere.

Our developers and UI/UX team work tirelessly to make GitScrum the smartest project management tool for you, with features that automate and accelerate your tasks and routines as much as possible.

Tasks for Maximum Productivity Tasks for Maximum Productivity
The Perfect Fit for Modern Agile Team

Build a Modern Results-Focused Digital Agency

Create a workflow that fits your needs by organizing projects: all that needs to be done, what is in progress, and what is ready to deliver, so you can work with multiple clients simultaneously.

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