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- Features - GitScrum Board


Track tasks, collaborate and marvel at how the progresses in real-time. Our Board is an incredible visual tool that provides an overview of the current work status, designed to simplify team communication and efficiency in performing tasks.

Get a clean and intuitive Kanban feature built for teams of all shapes and sizes. The tool has easy visualization allowing time to improve the workflow and be more efficient constantly.
A high-level view is more helpful

A backlog of tasks to get through needs a tool to show that the team process states that a task must pass through before it is delivered. So, everyone can see how tasks can be concluded. Kanban benefits the team and allows them to focus on a single task at a time.

Reduce stress and improve team focus

Tasks are assigned to the team automatically, limiting the accomplishment of each one. All team members are constantly being incentivized to work together and give their opinion on how to improve processes.

Remedy common collaboration issues across teams

Improve collaboration between teams leads to an inclusive company culture where everyone’s opinion is considered relevant. Keep everyone focused on continually improving quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Notifications to give you more insight into projects

Notifications are sent when a task is moved on the project workflow. We have the heart of effective communication and alignment between team members and stakeholders.

  • Shareable Board - Share project progress with users outside the company.
  • Background Image - Choose the background image for each project board.
  • Real-time Progress - Monitoring progress is the best way to align expectations.
Notifications to give you more insight into projects
Never waste time finding a task again

Our advanced filters are an easy way to locate tasks quickly on the project board. You can filter tasks by name, start date, due date, team members assigned, task labels, and many other parameters.

  • Highlight colors - Depending on the type of task, the task's background color will change.
  • Archived tasks - Archive older tasks and view them on a separate project board.
  • Task Dates - You can assign a start date and a due date to tasks.
Never waste time finding a task again
Get more agility and team maturity

Full integration with GitScrum Time Tracking for managing your time better. Customize statuses to fit business processes.

Efficiency combined with team flexibility

GitScrum Board to help teams identify areas of inefficiency and promote more dynamic collaboration.

Identify bottlenecks in real-time

GitScrum Board allows project managers can recognize problem indicators of problems before they occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes a Good Scrumban Tool?

GitScrum Board is based on scrum principles, and the ideal tool should help make your business as simple as possible. When you choose a Kanban tool, look at that: Design - Kanban boards are designed to be easy and intuitive; Functionality - Look out for additional functionality to bring value to your delivery; Customization - Customization is a great point; look for this in column statuses and custom fields to ensure the tool suits the way you work.

How to plan a project on GitScrum Board?

You’ll need to see a quick overview to see how various project tasks fit together. You’ll also need to set milestones for essential dates in your projects. That way, everyone in your team is aware of when things happen.

How to find a task?

You can filter tasks by name, start date, due date, team members assigned, task labels, and many other parameters. It’s easier, and you never waste time looking for your tasks.

How to choose the right Kanban tool for you?

Look at those points to choose your tool: Consider your requirements and the individual features you need, especially in customization and integration; Understand whether your team would benefit from other project views or if Kanban alone is the framework for you.

How GitScrum Board improves team collaboration?

GitScrum Board provides powerful collaboration features that ensure that every team member is on the same page regarding the project status and reduces miscommunication. The collaboration capabilities include setting up a workspace, assigning tasks, sharing files, adding comments, tagging team members, and sharing your task progress with the team.