GitScrum Time Tracking

GitScrum Time Tracking

Seamless Task Time Tracking with intuitive tracking interface

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Track multiple tasks on a project simultaneously

Time tracking software establishes accountability in teams because it is possible to understand which employees completed certain tasks when the jobs were completed and how much time was put into each job.

GitScrum Track multiple tasks on a project simultaneously
GitScrum Time tracking will make your invoices more accurate

Time tracking will make your invoices more accurate

Invoicing your team member's work can be a headache. By getting your team to follow their work, you'll have a detailed and accurate breakdown of how much time was invested in a client's project - and be able to bill accordingly.

Time tracking helps you understand team distractions

Exploring how time is spent can be valuable information to identify things that repeatedly distract your team members - such as unproductive meetings, constant interruptions or unplanned tasks.

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