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Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Make time tracking easy so you can focus on your work

Time tracking is the key to boosted productivity and higher profits. GitScrum Time Tracking that's simple, accurate, and helps you get more billable hours.

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GitScrum Time Tracking GitScrum Time Tracking

Keep your team on track with accurate time tracking and invoicing

The new way of remote work can be more organized and productive, manage time is essential to efficiency, and this tool will help you reduce team stress in an intuitive and accessible way. Billable hours have never been easier.

Seamless Task Time Tracking with an intuitive tracking interface. The use of a time-tracking software consolidates accountability in a team by making it possible to identify which employees have completed certain tasks, when the job was completed and how much time has been put into it.

Keep your workday organized with GitScrum Time Tracking

Synchronize work projects within deadline and budget

GitScrum Time tracking helps the team gain insights and give resolving them for better results on future projects.

Find out how much time was spent on tasks

Time tracking allows you to know what team members do during work hours and how much time they spend on each activity.

GitScrum Time tracking helps in prioritizing essential things

Strict deadlines are standard in all businesses. With GitScrum Time Tracking, it is easier to supervise all employees

Time tracking helps you understand team distractions

Exploring how time is spent can give you valuable insight on things that repeatedly distract your team members, such as unproductive meetings, constant interruptions or unplanned tasks. Know the time spent on each activity and improve the management of your project. It is easier to do it!

Time tracking helps you understand team distractions
Time tracking will make your invoices more accurate

Compiling all the work of your team members in an invoice can give you a headache. Having your team on GitScrum will provide you with a detailed and accurate record of how much time has been invested in a client's project, and you’ll be able to charge them accordingly.

Never waste time finding a task again
Keep your projects under control

GitScrum Time Tracking helps you measure team performance and on-the-job productivity and get better oversight of projects and tasks.

Simple solution

Tracking time gives credit where credit is due, from a financial point of view. As a result, you retain top performers and reduce new hire fees.

Effortless time tracking and reporting

Time Tracking system allows you to record billable hours so that it’s easier to invoice clients.

GitScrum streamlines your workflow and keeps you on top of your game

Get the features you need without all the bloat. GitScrum is simple, fast, and easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a time entry?

When working with Time Tracking, users sometimes mix up two things - a task and time entry. So, let's learn it: Task represents work that a user does. Time Tracking is a continuous span of working time during which a user was performing one Task.

Why use time tracking?

Time tracking is a tool that helps you to understand how to spend your time and improve productivity in your organization.

How to get the information I need?

You can consult the time entries by the user, period, and export to Excel.

I don't need to "monitor" my team. Is there any other benefit of this software?

The benefits of the software are to enable your team to manage their own time more effectively and provide high-level information on the use of time in their organization and improve your productivity independently.