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For Sales Teams Who Want More Productivity and Breakthrough Results

Manage sales activities with GitScrum and reach your commercial goals the Agile way, starting today.


GitScrum for Sales Teams

Increase Sales Productivity

Close sales more often thanks to better-organized workflows related to all the selling team tasks you can manage in your project boards.

Measure Your Sales Team Efficiency

Understand the sales team performance, keeping track of data that shows you what to improve and change fast to reach your selling goals better.

Connect Ideas for Better Prospect Reach

Collect the invaluable sales team knowledge using features like Mind Maps and Wiki, for better prospecting, making the sales process more predictable.

Create Sales Strategies Inside Projects

Find the best sales approach, working on projects about channels you want to use, and improve the way you conquer new customers.


More Productive Selling Days


Your business can close more deals when your sales team works using GitScrum Project Management Tool to help you practice proven Agile frameworks to work with more efficiency, agility, and making every sale a simpler task.

As a sales manager, you can also have more control over what kind of deals each member of your team is currently working on.

Your Selling Process Is More Effective Practicing Agile With GitScrum

Your Selling Process Is More Effective Practicing Agile With GitScrum


It’s way harder to make a sale if you don’t have a reliable process in place to follow up with the prospect, then measure, optimize and adapt for other sales calls you make that lead you to the success you need.

With GitScrum agile features not only do you manage the process of every sale you make, but you find better ways to do this job with more efficiency and productivity. You also have more space to innovate, try and test different approaches for your sale in parts of the process that can be improved and make an impact on your results.

“I am satisfied with GitScrum.” “We make our product for the elearning market and we needed a tool to manage our project. There are about 10 people in our team. I see the project evolving. I especially like some features, such as taking into account development time, the project can be shared by external users, discuss tasks, attach documents. There is also an interesting feature for sending notifications if the task gets to a certain stage. We use this to notify our sales team about changes in the product.” Alexander K. SEO Computer Software, 11-50 employees via Capterra

GitScrum Board for Powerful Sales Management

Create a dynamic GitScrum Board to have control over the sales process, reaching your sales targets with more confidence.

GitScrum Board Features
GitScrum Task Type to Guide the Best Results in Sales

Use GitScrum Tasks Type templates to manage team’s activities and lift up sales indicators.

GitScrum Sprints for Sales Productivity and Higher Closing Rates

Stop postponing work and meet smart sales management, so you can convert more prospects into buyers weekly.

Wiki Pages to Create The Perfect Sales Pitch

Work with your team for the perfect sales conversation using GitScrum Wiki so you can use effective communication with qualified leads and prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can GitScrum work for Sales Teams?

GitScrum works for every sales team that wants to be more productive in their activities, offering various features you can use to accomplish all your sales goals. You can start by creating your first projects related to sales, add all the tasks you want to work on a manageable work board from start to finish. Once you make some progress, update and monitor tasks’ evolution.

How can GitScrum help me generate more sales?

Once you do better management of your sales, with all the tasks you have to accomplish your goals and what you define as success, your team starts being more productive, increasing the number of sales naturally.

Why is using GitScrum Project Management Tool necessary for my sales team?

Using GitScrum Project Management Tool, you avoid complexity and confusion about what every team member is working on, and what you have to do on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to reach important deadlines and accomplish what success in sales means to you and keep track of all the steps that will get you there.

Why choose GitScrum over other Project management Tools?

GitScrum is much simpler but not less potent than other Project Management Tools alternatives out there. For Sales management, you have the advantage of using the Agile features that are integrated so your sales team can be more productive and “miles” ahead of your competitors.

How to customize GitScrum for Sales Process?

You will be excited to use all the template elements on GitScrum, like GitScrum Task Custom Fields to specify demands. For sales processes, you can create a workflow GitScrum Board that matches with each one of its stages. You can use task checklists with important points you have to cover to lead your prospect to the closure.

How to collaborate with my sales team using GitScrum?

The overall experience on GitScrum is very collaborative, once you add your team members as users to interact in your project boards, you can assign them to the GitScrum Board tasks and start working from there. to improve interaction and collaboration among the team, use Discussions for important project topics,GitScrum Wiki for collaborative web pages. All that being managed by you, making sure everyone is working toward the same goal.