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Agile Methodology with GitScrum

GitScrum is a project management tool for agile teams.

When a team uses the Agile Methodology to execute a project, it is important to keep track of every task delivered. This is necessary because, in Agile projects, many things happen at the same time and the Scrum Master may not be aware of everything.

The use of tools such as GitScrum makes task control easier and project management more effective. As a platform developed according to the Agile Methodology, GitScrum is the best option for your company.

This documentation will clarify how using GitScrum benefits your Agile Methodology projects. It will also cover the reasons for using Agile development rather than traditional methodologies, and the advantages GitScrum offers when used for Agile practices.

Understanding the best practices

The literature on project management often states that a project is fundamentally based on five pillars, which are: time, resources, scope, goal, and needs.

Each one of these elements plays an important role when a project is in course. Poorly estimated resources can lead to crises and urgent needs that are hard to tackle; an inadequate scope or a deficient assessment of the requirements can lead to significant discrepancies when project deliverables are released, which, in a worst-case scenario, may cause the project to be terminated before its conclusion.

The fact is that projects, when well planned, can achieve a generous range of success indexes, and this is why GitScrum allows the scope and the schedule planning processes to be developed in a simple and practical way, from the very beginning of your project. Below, we are going to see how it works.

What is Agile Methodology?

The first important concept to be grasped, before looking at other aspects of how GitScrum assists project management, is the definition of Agile Methodology.

The Agile Methodology offers guidance on how to choose the best methods and procedures to execute a project.

The objective is to have people working as a group, thinking and interacting with each other to deliver a high-quality and agile product in the end.

A good way to illustrate the Agile Methodology is to think about the operation of a restaurant, where different people have very specific tasks. When these people work together, they are able to create tasty meals and a positive experience for their customers.

The same happens when the Agile Methodology is used in the development of software and other products.

Having a reliable technology solution as a partner is of paramount importance in order to achieve the best results.

Using GitScrum for Agile project management will allow your team to evolve and adapt, and this is the most remarkable aspect of Agile Methodology.

Agile Methodology and the benefits of using GitScrum

The Agile Methodology can be easily applied using the GitScrum project management tool, a platform based on the Kanban productivity system, with many features to assist you.

GitScrum has been designed to be easy and simple to use. It is a digital solution to organize all tasks, deadlines, goals, and personnel in your project.

As the name says, GitScrum is completely aligned with the Scrum framework, thus presenting several features that guarantee a visual approach to the project, including performance management and report analysis.

There are also three additional benefits of using GitScrum for Agile project management.

  1. Customize GitScrum’s board according to your project

    Replacing GitScrum’s logo with one of your own will let your team identify with the visuals of the whole project and become more motivated to work on it.

    This feature is also great for when your client has access to the project’s daily routine. Sharing with your client a report or a board that displays your logo and your information conveys professionalism.

  2. Flexibility to your project

    One of the main characteristics of an Agile Methodology project is the flexibility the team has to discuss issues and reorganize things.

    Of course, this is not something to be done every day. But it is important to keep your team open to talking about eventual problems, as this will allow them to spot mistakes as they occur, and to be flexible enough to stop doing what is not working well and come up with a better way of achieving goals.

    With GitScrum, everyone on the team has access to all project-related tasks, even those assigned to colleagues, and it is possible to move cards and entire sections of the boards from one place to another.

  3. Easy control of all tasks due in the current day or week

    If you have ever planned and managed a project using spreadsheets or even paper boards, chances are you have witnessed some problems.

    The most common occurrences are people forgetting to follow up tasks, and being unaware of their own responsibilities, as well as communication issues among the team.

    These problems are easily solved when your Agile Methodology project uses GitScrum.

    GitScrum allows the Scrum Master to clearly check deadlines, assignments, responsibilities and extra information/material needed to execute a specific job.

Why use Agile Development

When a traditional method is used for project development, all the details are defined before the project starts, which can be a problem when we are dealing with a complex project.

The Agile Methodology, on the other hand, allows much more flexibility, and changes may be made whenever necessary, with the objective of delivering a high-quality final product.

In technology and software development, working with the Agile Methodology is vital because, if a traditional method is used, the expenses are probably going to be planned in advance. This means that, if something goes wrong and requires the project concept to be changed, there will be more costs than expected during the planning phase of the project.

It is important to mention that the Agile Methodology requires more client involvement during the execution of the project, which is an asset for stakeholders who know how to take full advantage of this close contact with the developing team.

Since feedback and reviews of the project status are constantly updated in the Agile Methodology, clients should be aware that their opinions and suggestions will be needed. Having clients engage in the whole process fosters their satisfaction with the final product delivered by the team.

Agile practices and when to use GitScrum

There are some interesting practices and processes involved in the Agile Methodology. The best Agile practices may vary from one team to another, and this is the beauty of working with the Agile Methodology.

It is always possible to create new ways of working and to improve the workflow every day.

Product Backlog

The main idea of an Agile project is that major tasks can be divided into simpler actions.

The product backlog is a common practice in the Agile Methodology and it is basically a list of everything known to be needed in the product that is being developed. If any changes are to be made to the product, it is necessary to review the product backlog./p>

GitScrum allows you to easily organize the product backlog of your project and change it whenever necessary.

User Stories

When using the Agile Methodology, putting people first is essential. The User Stories feature of GitScrum brings the end-users to the center of the discussion.

The idea is that, after reading a user story, the team will understand the purpose of their work and what value is created by each activity performed.

With User Stories, GitScrum fosters the creation of tasks that match the user information provided in there.

Usually, a user story follows this structure:

“As an [persona] I want to [do something/get something] so then I can [get something/accomplish something]”.

Time tracking

When developing Agile projects, time is an important asset to be controlled. The Agile Methodology defines that a job should be organized in sprints that take approximately two weeks to be completed.

If you think about it, it is a short time span. This is why using GitScrum can be strategic, due to its features that allow you to track time and tasks effectively.

As a result, it becomes easier to guarantee that tasks will be completed in time, and the whole project will be finished on the expected date.