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To be a freelancer and to use an Agile Tool is a perfect match. This is because when you are responsible for ending various tasks within the week or month, with different deadlines and clients, things can get confusing.

GitScrum an Agile tool for freelancers

There’s no doubt Agile Tools aim to make everyday activities and business projects more organized and to deliver high quality products and services for the final client.

When a freelancer uses this methodology correctly to plan and manage a project, the natural consequence is that this professional will be able to work more efficiently to deliver better results.

Agile Tools such as GitScrum are mostly used in Software Development. In projects like these, the timeline to deliver the first concept is much faster than in the ones that don’t use the methodology, and may take several months to be concluded.

Agile Tool GitScrum

GitScrum is a platform that helps freelancers and entire companies to achieve the best outcomes for their business, as well as to really understand and see what a full project is all about in a single workspace.

GitScrum Tasks

How GitScrum can help you to be more productive in your projects. Try now!

With this Agile Tool, freelancers gain more confidence to manage projects since it is possible to include all steps in one place.

Some of the features the Agile Tool GitScrum offers are
GitScrum Scrumban


GitScrum works to model the client’s workflow so tasks and projects can be visualized as a board planning, list or calendar view.

Task Checklists

A great project management is done by organizing tasks and the reports in a clear view. With checklists the follow up is much easier and faster.

GitScrum Checklist
GitScrum Time Tracking

Time Tracking

There is no manager who knows by heart all deadlines and responsibilities in a project. To make it more practical, GitScrum has a feature that makes it possible to track time by user, team or task to have a general overview of the project.

Build custom Templates

Be free to create custom templates to meet all your company’s needs. This is essential to have the best results, considering you will include all variables needed in your own management template.

GitScrum Workflow
GitScrum Labels

Labels for Task or Project

if you are a freelancer or work with a team that has many projects happening at the same time, this feature is very useful. To separate projects and tasks by tags or colors will help you be more productive and clearly view the progress of your projects.

Is Agile Tool Good?

To understand if a software, product or service is good, the best way is by listing the main benefits that can be reached while using it.

Below you will find the most important aspects to consider in order to realize how positive the use of an Agile Tool can be for your projects.

Advantages of using an Agile Tool

  1. Efficient teams

    In order to have a positive outcome from a project, be it a small or big one, efficiency is a key for success.

    Sometimes you will work by yourself and in contact only with the client, but usually projects that use an the GitScrum Agile Tool have several people involved, and by using the methodology, everyone in the project understand their role in the team and focus on the correct tasks.

  2. Clear project details and goals

    When you use the agile methodology, it is very easy to visualize the whole project in different steps. By doing this, it becomes a great tool for management and to keep focused on what is important to reach the objectives.

  3. Deliver high quality results taking into account the budget available

    Working in a project with a previously set budget can be a challenge, even more when it is an IT related initiative.

    This happens because the projects take long time to be completed, and can result in extra money for its completion.

    Since the use of an Agile Tool enables efficiency and clear visualization of tasks, it results in productivity and reduces the budget.

  4. Constant development of people

    In order to use an agile methodology, all people involved (employees, freelancers, managers and others) must evolve and adapt to new technologies and systems.

    Considering the world of constant change that we live today, the possibility to develop new skills and put in practice methodologies such as the agile one is a great opportunity for professionals.

    As a result, the project gets benefits because the people working on it are capable of improving the results and consequently being more productive.

  5. High commitment required

    The last benefit highlighted here is also a challenge

    When people with different backgrounds, expectations and experiences work together (or even a freelancer working to complete a job), commitment to follow the planned activities is really important.

    By using a software based on the Agile methodology such as GitScrum, all people involved in the project will need to complete tasks at a certain time, discuss the next steps to keep working in the project.

    The challenge here is to make sure the team is truly committed to reach the best results in the shortest time possible. But once this is set, there are only benefits to be collected.

Why does a freelancer need an Agile Tool?

After considering all the aspects involved in the use of an Agile Tool, you can make your own conclusion about it.

Try using GitScrum to start having a great agile project management

But one important fact is: this methodology works very well when there is organization and commitment by the team responsible for the execution.

GitScrum Projects

That said, it is possible to directly relate the use of an Agile Tool for freelancers, because these professionals must organize themselves a lot to be able to deliver the jobs on time and with the quality desired by the client.

Besides that, to be able to really visualize all steps and objectives involved in a project is really important for motivation. And being motivated is essential to guarantee the jobs to be finished in a satisfactory way.

So to conclude, freelancers may be very successful using the agile methodology, because they can reach incredible results and deliver the best quality products and services for their clients.

In order to achieve that, the important thing is to keep focused, organized and committed to the final result expected by themselves and the clients.

Start using the GitScrum to manage your tasks and projects. Try for free now!

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