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GitScrum Task List

Stay on Top of Every Project with Task List's Visual Project Tracking Feature

Visualize every project and all tasks you create on “task list” any time. This will facilitate your task checking and task searches

Task Features

Inside each one of the tasks you include on GitScrum Board, there are several details you can fill, add and update. Set tasks’ deadline, start and end dates, assign them to one or more team members, type explanatory tips, add reference files, images, and YouTube videos.

Split assignments in smaller chunks inside each task.


Name teammates directly on tasks, to request prompt attention.

Track time

Measure time for tasks completion to determine their complexity.


Get notified of all task updates and accomplishments.

Due Dates

Determine deadlines, to keep the team’s task awareness.

Assign & Collaborate

Hold one or more responsible for a task, share it to work together.


Include supporting documents to help collaborators understand requests.


Guide task execution by describing details. Ask and answer questions.


Add reference YouTube videos to your tasks.

Sprints - Milestones

Relate your project stages to objectives that taste like victory, ordering tasks into GitScrum Sprints.


Labels can help you group all tasks related to a client, vendor, department, priority, or other categories.

Code Highlights

Include code snippets in your task descriptions to standardize and facilitate your development process.

Gantt Chart

Keep up with all your team’s events and scheduled deliveries, visualizing all your projects with start and end dates on your GitScrum Gantt Charts. This feature is integrated to your GitScrum Board, so tasks are automatically added to it.

Gain Visibility and Control Over Complex Projects
GitScrum Gantt Chart GitScrum Gantt Chart
Time Tracking

Measure the duration and effort for a task, timing its completion. This will help you make schedule estimates and elaborate fair budgets.

The most elegant and powerful way to manage your remote team
GitScrum Time Tracking GitScrum Time Tracking

Engage your team and motivate yourself towards time-boxed goals. Demonstrate the importance of objectives and monitor collaborators’ achievements daily with a visual burndown chart.

Keep track of your team's productivity every day
GitScrum Sprints GitScrum Sprints
Public and Private Projects

Create amazing projects and decide whether you want to keep it to yourself, share them with a select group of people, or make them available worldwide.

The most powerful way to organize and manage your projects
GitScrum Public and Private Projects GitScrum Public and Private Projects
Advanced Integrations

Become super productive integrating Gitscrum with other apps. You may import cards from previously used tools. You can also start projects and link them to channels on Discord, as well as use GitScrum with Slack. Use Zapier to integrate GitScrum with Gmail, MS Office, Google Apps and more than 2.000 apps.

Build your own brand in no time
GitScrum Advanced Integrations GitScrum Advanced Integrations

Track Team Performance to stand out with your Projects

Create a purpose-driven culture for a results-oriented team. Remember that success is not only about creating tasks and working on them, but mainly about achieving goals. The discipline it takes to get there, involves measuring daily progress with performance charts, reaching consistency and gradually surpassing limits. Go far and beyond with GitScrum!