GitScrum Features


Find and share valuable files with your team using Documents to have fast access to these files anytime. You also don’t waste time searching for valuable attachments spread on your board added directly on each task block or spread all over the place in different cloud services.

Share project documents
Leave your work progress on documents so your team can access and download them to give real-time feedback so you can finish your work with confidence.
From the cloud to documents
Add archives from Dropbox and Google Drive to documents, so you quickly access them doing your project work.
Find all the task attachments in one place
Lots of time, are you searching the attachments shared directly in your tasks? No worries, you can find them easily inside Documents.

Send images, audios, texts, and videos handy inside the project

Documents facilitate the sharing of essential archives between your project collaborators.

You can add attachments from your tasks or add other relevant documents just dragging and dropping in the documents area, so anyone can find and have access to them.

Using Documents, you can easily find all your images, audio, text, videos, and more files. Focusing on doing work in just one place.

Gather your project files and access them easily on Documents

Documents are the place for you to make the project files available so that your team is always in line with the project's objectives.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Project documents in one place
Organize your project files using Documents instead of wasting time searching them all over the place on the cloud.
Make project documents more accessible
Your team can access your project files easily inside Documents while working onboard tasks.
More control over digital documents
Organize and share what’s relevant for projects, whether it is images, audio, text, videos, and more.
Why use documents for the GitScrum project?
Sure, you can save all your files on cloud services. However, if you want to access relevant files directly from Documents is the right place. You can bring the files for Documents from your computer, Dropbox and Google Drive.
What is the size limit for files I can upload on Documents?
You can upload files up to 100 MB.
Is it safe to upload my files?
We use the most advanced AWS servers to keep all the data uploaded securely using GitScrum.
What is the limit of storage?
You have unlimited storage to upload files on documents and task attachments.
What are the file types I can upload on Documents?
You can upload the usual type of media files like images, audio, video, text, ebooks, PDFs, even software in different formats, not greater than 100MM.