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The Best GitScrum Mind Mapping The Best GitScrum Mind Mapping

Revolutionize Your Decision-Making

Are you tired of struggling to make important decisions? Are you looking for a way to clearly and effectively brainstorm ideas? If so, then you need to try GitScrum Mind Mapping. This powerful tool allows you to visually organize and analyze information, helping you to make better, more informed decisions. With GitScrum Mind Maps, you can easily brainstorm, take notes, and track your progress on any project. So why wait? Start using GitScrum Mind Mapping today and bring your projects to life!

Create beautiful mind maps in seconds. Perfect for brainstorming and productivity. Start organizing and connecting your project ideas in one place now, one mind map at a time with your team. GitScrum Mind Mapping is available to be used in your projects.

The fastest and easiest way to create brilliant mind maps

Ideas that spread

Forget about linear ways to organize your team ideas. GitScrum Mind Maps help you collaborate with teams in a way their ideas talk with each other and eventually connect.

Excellent for brainstorming

Brainstorming is the starting point of every great decision because there are bad ideas and good ideas. After your session with mind mappings, choose the great ones.

Better visualization

Prioritize your work and reach your goals at ease, visualizing all the project steps inside the mind maps seeing what tasks connect with who, defining each one's importance.

Running a brainstorming session to capture ideas about the project

Mind mapping makes it easy to brainstorm during project planning by providing you with an efficient way to organize thoughts, suggestions, ideas, comments, meeting minutes and discussion notes.

Running a brainstorming session to capture ideas about the project
Manage your projects like how our minds do naturally

Mind maps are the best way to break down big goals into actionable tasks. For business clients, the most significant benefit of mind mapping is increased productivity. Creativity is essential at any stage of a project, and mind mapping is the ideal tool for sparking creativity. You can gather a huge volume of information and insight in a single mind map.

Manage your projects like how our minds do naturally
Start projects with GitScrum Mind Mapping

Choose the project type that fits your goals inside GitScrum. Most of them have the option to create mind mapping to work with your team

Access the mind mapping

Besides organizing all your tasks in columns inside the project board with many customizable features, you have the Mind Map to help you connect all the team project ideas in an unseparated place.

Sharing, spreading, and connecting

Choose the main topic and start spreading the ideas around this topic and let your team mastermind be limitless choosing the best ideas to work on just one mind.

GitScrum streamlines your workflow and keeps you on top of your game

Get the features you need without all the bloat. GitScrum is simple, fast, and easy to use.

... and more than 120 features

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do multiple mind maps inside my projects?

Yes, you do it! You can separate each mind map by project requirements, ideas you want to explore with your team.

Mind Maps is a separated feature by GitScrum?

Mind maps are an integrated feature inside the project board you can choose to make available or not in the settings of the project boards you create.

Can I edit mind maps simultaneously with my team?

Yes! team members with the access of the same project with the mind map available can work together and simultaneously

Can I use GitScrum's mind maps for free?

Yes, your team can access your mind mappings. Just go to Mind Mapping within the project.

Is that complicated to use GitScrum's Mind Maps as other mind map software?

The GitScrum Mind map feature has just what you need to brainstorm and share your ideas simultaneously with your team in a simple way. Just try it and see how easy it is to use mind maps for your projects in GitScrum.