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Transform Your Agile Team into a Rock Star Squad with Gamification

Ready to take your agile team to the next level? Try GitScrum Rock Star Team and gamify your work for better results. This powerful feature encourages healthy competition between team members, improving performance and results without sacrificing the collaborative spirit. And with GitScrum Rock Star Team, you can easily find out which team members are performing the best, helping you to identify and recognize top performers. So why wait? Start using GitScrum Rock Star Team today and transform your team into a rock star squad!
Gamification allows integrating and better engage the team

Invite team members to healthy competition, improve climate and focus on people management more lightly, show everyone a new way to work, smarter and more efficiently.

Engagement, collaboration, and self-management

Have an overview of the operation and individualized by stakeholders. This way, you get all information to manage your team to ensure increased productivity and improved results.

Self-management collaborates with team engagement

When each team member tracks and compares their results with those of other members. The success of teammates inspires you to grow and to get better and better.

Find out which team members are performing better

Boosting motivation with gamification. Old habits are hard to break. Get your team excited about a new tool that’s easy to use and fun. Keep your team motivated and increase performance with personalized boards. Turn projects into a game. GitScrum allows you to evaluate performance easily so that you can reward your Biggest Rock Stars and boost motivation to the stratosphere.

Make iterations short enough to keep the team focused
The most powerful project management feature to incentive your team

Your team performance grows with advanced Time Tracking and gamified elements. Get your team engaged and more productive with a tool that’s easy to use and have fun while working.

GitScrum Rock Star Team is an incredible feature that allows you to evaluate performance quickly to reward the winners. Keep your team motivated with gamification resources and create new habits.

Never waste time finding a task again

GitScrum streamlines your workflow and keeps you on top of your game

Get the features you need without all the bloat. GitScrum is simple, fast, and easy to use.

... and more than 120 features

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of the Rock Star Team?

GitScrum Rock Star Team transforms the project into a game, our goal is to increase team productivity using gamification and meritocracy.

What is the main advantage of a Rock Star Team in project management?

The main advantage is engaging the team and provide a feeling of accomplishment to your team members.

What is gamification?

Gamification is the application of mechanics used in games, mostly virtual, to captivate and engage people through a system of challenges and bonuses.

Why can gamification help my team?

You can use gamification and have a fun way to work. Employees use the platform as if they were participating in a game - a game in which everyone wins.

How does gamification work in project management?

One of the most beneficial aspects of gamification is offering simulation features of recurring scenarios to be reproduced to test skills and find more suitable solutions.