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GitScrum Sprints

Make iterations short enough to keep the team focused

In the Agile framework, Sprints are perfect to achieve focus. Define what can be delivered in a sprint and how that work will be accomplished.

GitScrum White Label
Hours Worked

Track total hours worked on the sprint

Sprint Goals

Goal alignment with all team members

Tasks Timesheet

Export that have been accomplished

Sprint Burndown Chart

Meritocracy & Effort Points!

Burndown charts allow you to know how many units of work are being “DONE” in each sprint. Measure and track performance so you can be aware of how much work your team is delivering at all times.

Sprint Burndown Chart
Sprint features that will help your team to thrive

Spot your rock star performers by assigning points to each task based on complexity and relevance. You can then reward team members based on the value and the difficulty of their work, and not on the time they have spent on their tasks.

Never waste time finding a task again
GitScrum has integration with Zapier, GitHub, Trello, Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox and other tools.
Improve your team's efficiency at work with our integrations
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White Label

Impress your client with the Business Plan. Replace the GitScrum logo with your own and use a custom domain or subdomain.

Time Tracking

See Time Tracking by user, team, task and project so you know how to allocate resources for timely delivery.

Task Checklists

Track task progression without creating additional subtasks or smashing multiple reports together for a clear view.

Shareable Boards

Invite your clients to your boards so they can view project status, collaborate and marvel at your progress in real-time.