Use Subtasks to create a variety of requests, sorting them by activity. Optimized Overview of Projects. By creating Subtasks under your tasks, you and your team will get a complete yet efficient overview of your projects.

Be dynamic Work Board
Be dynamic Work Board

Use GitScrum’s interface to quickly build a collaborative work board, adding tasks and subtasks weekly.

Speed Up Task Accomplishments
Speed Up Task Accomplishments

Get demands visually displayed, clearly related to your projects, and make your team members deadline hunters.

Detailed Project Monitoring
Detailed Project Monitoring

Keep a detailed outlook of your project’s accomplishments by monitoring tasks and subtasks weekly.

Create customized Tasks and Subtasks with GitScrum Project Management Tool and guide your team to success

Subtasks help you organize and monitor all your project’s stages and progress.

Split goals and go farther

We are all capable of achieving big goals. To make them possible, though, there’s no better strategy than splitting them into smaller ones. Unless companies have got the right tools to help them build plans, their collaborators might end up wandering or lost.

Partner with GitScrum to guide your team. It might sound simple, but the simple is essential when it comes to organization. Our transparent work board provides easier tracking for completing tasks and subtasks, adding drive sense to project management holders.

Assign responsibilities, keep it visual and recorded, and protect your company from misunderstandings and anything but accomplishments. Remember: clear steps to big aims are the basis of a team headed to success.

White Label + Unlimited Users

Add unlimited users (clients and teammates) to manage your projects and track progress.

Keep it easy and organized
Subtasks make the work board easy to work with and understand.
Boost Productivity with Tasks and GitScrum Subtasks
Use GitScrum Subtasks to split a sizeable complex task into smaller tasks for easier tracking & completion of the parent task. Assign explicit job requests to your team members and encourage them to accomplish the goals.
Work on features that are essential
You are more confident in delivering the features that your users want most. Make them love you for exactly that reason.
How do I create a Task and a Subtask using Form2Task?
When you create a project with GitScrum, open the Form2Task session (sidebar) and use Form2Task to create a Task. Use the button Form2Task Settings to customize your Form2Task form if necessary. Use the buttons Convert to Task and Convert to Subtask to organize the workboard.
What can I include on my Subtasks?
You can include your subtask description, links, attachments, and all relevant information necessary, and mainly, whom it’s assigned to.
How can Subtasks Help Me?
Subtasks will help you get a complete overview of your project and monitor your workflow since you’ll be able to assign tasks for each team member and monitor their accomplishments.
What are Subtasks?
Subtasks are means to split a task into smaller tasks for easier tracking & completion of the parent task.
Can my team also create Subtasks?
Yes, team members can also create Tasks and edit them whenever necessary.
Can I Share and repeat Subtasks among my projects?
Yes, you can create Tasks and Subtasks to use for all your projects, copy and edit them as you wish.