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Effortlessly Organize Your Clients, Team, and Projects with GitScrum Workspaces

If you're tired of juggling multiple tools and struggling to keep track of your team, clients, and projects, then it's time to try GitScrum Workspaces. This powerful solution allows you to effortlessly organize everything in one place, making it easy to stay on top of your workload and meet your goals. With GitScrum Workspaces, you can create unlimited workspaces for an unlimited number of clients, team members, and projects. So why wait? Start using GitScrum Workspaces today and simplify your work life!

Keep your clients and projects in order with an easy-to-use workspace. Get an overview of your projects at a glance. You can create a Workspace for client projects, businesses, company departments, and also organize your personal life.

Get more organized and productive in less time

Customize your Workspace

Amaze clients and partners, customizing your Workspaces’ logo. Develop a premium customer experience with White Label: your logo will replace GitScrum’s and the only one shining!

Agility and flexibility

Have multiple workspaces within GitScrum, to manage your personal and professional life. GitScrum Workspaces are flexible, so you can rename them and move projects from one to another.

Unlimited Workspaces to develop fantastic projects

As you scale your operations, you can go up to unlimited workspaces to include unlimited projects and unlimited users. Try GitScrum for Free!

GitScrum Workspaces Expands just like your Business

Do you know how service agencies are organizing their jobs, to work efficiently? They create separate Workspaces for each one of their clients. Using GitScrum, they invite clients in, present projects and work samples to them, and exchange ideas.

Collaborating becomes much easier and faster when you have the right project management tool. It lets you speed up feedback loops and work focused on your clients all the time.

Make iterations short enough to keep the team focused
Organize your Productive Departments into Workspaces

Encourage humanized professional communication and work to achieve their goals. As long as you need, you can create more and more Workspaces. You will be more organized and keep focused.

Do you have no idea how to start organizing your workspaces? Well, there are many ways to do that, because you must define workspaces categories according to your preferences. One very popular and efficient way that thousands of businesses use to organize their activities is to create Workspaces for each department, or working area.

Consequently, if you choose to work this way, you can create Workspaces that will have names like “Marketing”, “Design”, “Development”, “Sales”, “HR”, “Administration”, “Law”, “Finances”, “Warehouse”, for instance. This will make it possible for each department team to have its own Workspace, without interfering with each other’s (unless there are common projects). You can manage privacy and members’ roles, to decide who can collaborate with whom. Isn’t that wonderful? Build productive department teams with GitScrum Workspaces!

GitScrum Workspace is made for Winners

Keep in charge of all your professional and personal projects, managing them separately to organize your team’s activities.

Champions in Engagement and self-management

Workspace is perfect for project managers to lead projects and teams, guiding them to self-organize and update their own assignments inside each project Board.

Imagine multiple workspaces! YES! Multiple workspaces!

Have multiple workspaces at the same time to organize, manage and coordinate your team in the most agile and efficient possible way using the Scrum framework.

GitScrum streamlines your workflow and keeps you on top of your game

Get the features you need without all the bloat. GitScrum is simple, fast, and easy to use.

... and more than 120 features

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have more than one workspaces?

You can decide how many workspaces you will have, from one to unlimited. Your number of workspaces must be compatible with your GitScrum plan.

Can I create separate workspaces for my clients?

Yes. It’s an excellent idea to create a workspace for each one of your clients, and place the projects you will develop for them there. Afterwards, you can invite them as GitScrum guest members and collaborate with them.

My company has many departments, can I create separate workspaces for each one of them?

Yes. That’s a great way to organize your company’s activities. This way, each department’s team will place its projects inside the proper workspace, so they are easy to find.

Can I have a different branding in each workspace?

Yes. You can set a different branding for each workspace, on workspace settings; and a different project logo for each project, on project settings. The GitScrum White Label feature allows you to replace the GitScrum logo with another logo of yours, you can also use different logos for each workspace.

Can I move a project from one workspace to another?

Yes. To do so, just go to your project settings, and you will see the “Move to Another Workspace” button. Just click it to move it to the workspace you want.

How can GitScrum Workspace help manage my project?

GitScrum Workspace helps eliminate the complexity of managing many different projects by safely storing your data.