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Power Up Your Agile Team for Cutting-Edge Digital Transformation

Stand by GitScrum’s project management tool for a self-motivated productivity overcomer team


GitScrum for your Agile Teams

Integrated Multiexpert Teams

Reach better results over a lean structure, building integrated teams with collaborators with several specialties working with Agile methodology.

Become User-Oriented

Deliver the best customer experience, constantly improve products and services by training your team to add real user stories to the Agile platform. Agile teams communicate easily and are headed to innovation.

Compare Productivity and Never Switch Back

Once you set your Agile teams and track their productivity, monitoring their workload and accomplishments weekly, you’ll see a 20-50% increase of productivity and never consider old methods again!

Stick to What Matters

GitScrum's simple yet efficient Project Management tool offers all necessary features to manage your projects, so you can keep in charge of activities and achievements, with no need to invest a lot of time using the platform.


Why It’s a Good Deal For You to Jump on the GitScrum Bandwagon


Maybe you are wondering if our tool is the most suitable one for you instead of other software. At last, how could it impact your results?

The fact is, the software industry has tried to offer management tools and methods before, but they were rather limited and confusing. Traditional corporate ERPs and Waterfall methods did not allow the necessary innovation and efficiency level demanded today.

GitScrum's tool has been created to make teams agile and head them to innovation. It helps companies adapt to today's customers' often demands, by adding real user stories and feedback loops, to be treated by integrated multi-talented professionals.

There is no time for bureaucracy in isolated departments. It also facilitates interaction with clients and collaborators, monitoring results and demonstration with simple charts, so you can keep track of all activities and engage stakeholders to your goals.

So, if you want to check if you're ready to be one of the thousands of companies taking advantage of this method, take a quick test. Do you want more innovation? More productivity? Motivated teams? If any of your answers are "yes", come together!

Share A Common Ground With GitScrum and Silicon Valley giants


Are you curious to know how Google, Spotify, Yahoo!, Apple, Adobe, Cisco, eBay, HP, PayPal, Visa,, and many other Silicon Valley giants manage to innovate so fast? Well, it has a lot to do with their Agile project management. It's a common ground we share and are willing to offer you, since our project management tool.

Try our User Stories features to do like these companies and satisfy the customer, first of all, communicate constantly to respond to their expectations ASAP, with collaborators easily interacting at the workboard.

Be able to adapt to workflow changes, use Kanban boards and Gantt Charts to monitor vital information and team performance. Reach higher levels of efficiency, productivity, and deliverability with GitScrum. Work focused on prioritizing what's valuable and tracking your flow to overcome results.

Board for Agile Work Routine

Set your workflow and board to guide your Agile team, assign Tasks, Subtasks and keep in charge of the whole process evolvements. Allow your Agile team to collaborate.

GitScrum Board Features
Task Custom Fields

Guide your team’s accomplishments by adding Task Custom Fields to your projects tasks’ templates, increasing information about tasks, and prioritizing their specific needs.

Sprints for Team Productivity

Create weekly sprints and monitor team performance daily by the Workload graph. Motivate the team to hunt deadlines with gamification.

Task Effort to Evaluate Performance

Assess the size and complexity of each task and assign points that will help manage your agile team's effort to fulfill assignments and measure performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GitScrum Project Management Tool?

It’s a fully online tool (no downloads needed), which uses Agile and Scrum methodologies to offer you the most efficient features to manage your projects and workflow, no matter if you’re a large enterprise, small business owner or autonomous professional.

How can GitScrum Project Management Tool Help Me?

GitScrum’s smart project management tool helps you organize and control your workflow, set project goals and deadlines, assign tasks and subtasks to team members, with clear responsibilities. Also, it allows team collaboration and project improvements with the addition of real user stories.

Are Project Templates Customizable at GitScrum PM Tool?

Yes, you can customize the project's templates and create custom fields to use for all your projects, as well as use the ones available. It's not necessary to create a new template for every new project.

What are the Main Advantages of creating Agile teams with GitScrum?

GitScrum's tool facilitates collaboration and improvements even later in projects by adding real user stories, and it makes team interaction easy for processes like brainstorms, feedback loops, retrospectives, and outcomes evaluation. See your productivity rise along with weekly sprints!

What differs GitScrum’s tools from others?

GitScrum's tool is simple to use, yet complete. It offers you all the necessary features to control your projects, team's workload, and performance. Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and essential reports at your hand to get all valuable information at once.

Why should I invest in GitScrum's Project Management Tool?

GitScrum’s tool is more efficient, it’s way more affordable than other tools, and its friendly interface can be easily used by any of your